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Question of the Week:

Q: Why does my water have a earthy-musty taste and odor?

A: MESSAGE FROM CHATHAM COUNTY PUBLIC UTILITIES:Just as weather and environmental factors can affect the taste of fruits and vegetables, the same is true of tap water. Chatham County Water Treatment Plant draws from the Jordan Lake Reservoir. Routine sampling of the raw water has shown that seasonal algae bloom, a natural and temporary occurrence, has led to a “musty” taste and odor, which does NOT affect the safety of water for drinking.

"We're monitoring the treatment process closely to remove as much of the earthy-musty taste and odor as possible," said Leonard McBryde III, P.E., director of Chatham County Public Utilities, “We’ve increased the dosage of activated carbon, a material similar to what’s used in refrigerator carbon filters. The algae blooms are a natural occurrence. It's an aesthetic issue, but people are understandably concerned when their water tastes or smells di


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