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General Construction Practices

Briar Chapel General Construction Guidelines

 Site Maintenance

Contractors and subcontractors must maintain the job site in a clean and orderly condition.  Care shall be exercised in the storage of materials and debris.  Should it become necessary for the Association to clean a site or have a site cleaned, it will result in fines to the Builder.

Construction Parking Limitations

Construction vehicle parking on streets and/or alleys is limited to trade and delivery vehicles only. Contractors should exercise good judgment in all areas of Briar Chapel to avoid dangerous traffic congestion in neighborhoods where multiple homes are under construction.  Failure to observe these parking requirements may be subject to fines.

Conduct of Workers

Contractors shall be allowed to work from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Monday – Saturday and 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Sundays in conjunction with Chatham County Noise Ordinance. No alcohol or drugs are permitted on site.  Animals are prohibited.  Firearms are prohibited.  No harassing, loud behavior or loud radios are permitted.  Contractors and workers shall not travel recklessly or at speeds in excess of posted limits.  Workers shall not be allowed to travel the property unnecessarily or use the amenities. Additional violations may result in the contractor being denied access to the property.

Damage to Property

Any and all damage to property, whether common area or personal property, where witnessed should be immediately reported to HOA management.  Builder/Contractor will be required to pay for repair at own expense when proper notification has been submitted.  Such notification should include, make and model of vehicle as well as any name or number on vehicle, license plate information if possible and description of person driving.  The Association and Developer are not held liable for damages done. 

Reporting Violations

Homeowners are encouraged to report any violations witnessed to HOA management at hoa@briarchapellife.com or 919-240-4959.